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Transform your Destination with a comprehensive digital marketplace platform

Destination OS intuitively combines digital solutions for Tourism Destinations – your one-stop solution for seamless digital sales, communication, and guest entertainment for tourism offices, train, ship and airline operators.

More than 150+ customers have expressed their trust in Alturos.

360° Digital Solution for Tourism

One system, numerous products

Destination OS combines various areas such as digital distribution & marketing communication, digital travel guide, and guest entertainment.

Accompanying the customer journey

Be with your guests every step of the way — Prestay, Stay, Post Stay, and Reactivation.

Integrated external systems

Over 30 sales and marketing systems already incorporated.


Alturos Destination Operating System is a complete package of Digital Solutions for Tourism Tools made for implementing digital sales strategies for tourist destinations and railways.

Highly advantageous sales solutions tailored for tourist destinations.

No code

A lack of IT-experts who are capable of coding affects many companies. With our technology you can replace coding with modeling, which enables flexibility and efficiency.

Sales and Marketing in Destination Management

Elevate your digital sales with comprehensive solutions from Peaksolution and JAMES, featuring seamless integration across components and hassle-free implementation of external systems.
Destination Digital Solutions integrations

Variety interface options

Essentially, Alturos Destination Digital Solutions represents an open platform designed to easily incorporate external systems, thereby expanding its capabilities. Over 30 sales and marketing systems are currently integrated.

Accompanying the customer journey

Alturos Digital Solutions for Tourism enable you to be with your guests every step of the way — Prestay, Stay, Post Stay, and Reactivation.

More value. Less friction.

With Skiline, you create emotional experiences that turn your customers into brand ambassadors for your (ski) resort: every day, several thousand pictures and videos are shared, generated through photo points, photo traps, speed checks, and bike movies.
Skiline - Destination Digital Solutions

Take action. Start sale.

Mountain railways

Join Alturos Destination OS now to strategically enhance your region’s tourism industry, boosting visibility, brand trust, and ultimately, revenue.

Tourism providers

Connect with your local Alturos Destination OS today and get your business and its services published on every relevant Alturos marketplace using MyServices.


Sign up with Alturos Destination OS today and strategically pivot your transport organization into a leisure activity provider, inclusive of transport services. Elevate your region’s tourism appeal, increase visibility, build brand trust, and ultimately, drive greater revenue.

Cities tourism

Engage with Alturos Destination OS now to strategically revolutionize your city’s tourism sector. Enable your member service providers in their digital transformation, enhancing visibility and establishing stronger brand trust.

Tourism Organisations

Connect with Alturos Destination OS today and strategically transform your region’s tourism sector. Empower your member service providers in the digitalization journey while amplifying visibility and building brand trust.


Partner with Alturos Destination OS and strategically transform your shipping company into a leisure activity provider, complete with transport services. Enhance the tourist appeal of your region, increase visibility, establish brand trust, and ultimately boost your revenue.
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