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Elevate digital entertainment and amplify user-driven marketing

Ready to elevate and gamify your guest experience with Skiline digital entertainment? Explore the world of Skiline and establish a sustainable, user-centric marketing strategy.
Skiline digital entertainment
Skiline digital entertainment

Create digital excitement for user-driven marketing impact

Craft memorable moments that transform visitors into advocates for your destination with Skiline digital entertainment: daily, thousands of photos and videos from photo points, photo traps, speed checks and race tracks are shared.
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    Thrilling Adventures

    Present a vast array of experiences, from captivating Photopoints and exhilarating Speedchecks to dynamic video-recording race tracks, all designed for a shared guest experience to celebrate and digitally share.
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    Heartfelt Connections

    Craft memorable experiences for both tourists and locals, turning them into fervent advocates for your destination.
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    Massive Network

    Integrate with the world’s largest winter sports community.
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    Print users

    Leverage the cutting-edge Skiline Terminal, enabling guests to print their adventures with your company’s branding, while also generating revenue.
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    Digital Delight

    Enhance the holiday journey by granting guests a digital gateway to revisit their treasured experiences.
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    Analyze guest behavior

    Utilize Skiline’s sophisticated communication and analytical capabilities, understanding your audience’s tastes for tailored engagements.

    Transform destination experiences with Skiline Digital Entertainment

    Craft memorable moments that transform visitors into advocates for your destination: daily, thousands of photos and videos from photo points, photo traps, speed checks, and bike movies are shared.
    • Unique Challenges
      Engage guests with distinctive competitions from badge quests to specialized leaderboards.
    • Achievement Tracking
      Allow guests to monitor accomplishments, such as vertical meters scaled, Skimovie race timings, and badges amassed.
    • Enhanced Guest Retention
      Boost on-site engagement and incentivize return visits.
    • Prize Attractions
      Entice guests with appealing rewards and immersive narratives.
    • Loyal Community Creation
      Cultivate a devoted fan base that champions your resort.
    • Distinctive Brand Experience
      More than skiing, deliver an unforgettable resort signature.

    Skiline App

    With Skiline, you create emotional experiences that turn your customers into brand ambassadors for your (ski) resort: every day, several thousand pictures and videos are shared, generated through photo points, photo traps, speed checks, and bike movies.
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    Skiline digital entertainment

    Skiline Products

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    Skimovie Race Tracks

    The Skimovie race tracks, featuring events like Giant Slalom, Slalom, Mixed Race, Parallel Slalom, and more, are irresistibly engaging.

    Diverse Photopoints

    Hundreds of photos are taken every day with the Skiline Photopoint attractions like Action Cam, Start Photo, Photopoint standard, etc…


    The Speedcheck is addictive – test your limits on a specially secured Skiline Speedcheck track.


    Guest race videos for skiing and biking are extremely popular, often viewed and shared on social media.

    Alturos Sales Terminal

    Simply buy tickets via the terminal without having to wait in long queues at the cash desk

    Skiline real-time competitions

    Skiers and snowboarders compete in real time to test their skills on the slopes
    Every day, photos are printed using the Skiline Photoprint Terminal, creating an additional revenue stream.

    Photo trap

    Unique photos with the camera trap

    Photoprint Terminal

    Select photos directly at the terminal, print them out and take them home with you
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