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I am

JAMES – the digital holiday assistant

I am JAMES and will ensure that your guests’ holidays are unforgettable! Before, during and after the stay I will gladly assist your guests with their holiday planning and help them to get to know the region. In my Destination App, users can conveniently purchase all their destination products with in-app purchases. Storytelling is the magic word – I present your products to the users in exciting stories, which emotionally captivate them. When the guests are in the region, I will provide them with important information at the right time. You have certainly never seen such a charming and informative travel guide like me, JAMES!

JAMES ensures an unforgettable holiday in your region

James accompanies your guests on site

Anyone can turn a website into an app, but telling captivating stories and converting these into purchases is not an easy task. JAMES is a personal, eloquent travel guide that whets the appetite for your destination and encourages vacationers to discover more of the region.

JAMES knows everything about your destination

No matter whether it is an upcoming event, a new attraction or an exciting activity, JAMES knows them all and presents everything your destination has to offer to your guests. JAMES even has a few insider tips in stock and informs the user at the right time and in the right place.

JAMES is the digital assistant

JAMES has multiple features and, depending on your destination and needs, can act as an assistant for reservations and experience bookings, as a digital guide to all your experiences or as a simple information platform with exciting stories.

JAMES helps you to generate more sales through intuitive in-app purchases.

Who wants to wait in line? JAMES makes experiences bookable via smartphone. Tourists can purchase products through intelligent interfaces directly in the app. The In-App Wallet saves the tourist a long wait at the ticket offices and promotes a positive holiday experience.

JAMES receives additional information through interfaces

JAMES does not only interact smoothly with tourists, but also with other systems. JAMES makes it possible to make products from our eCommerce backend (Peaksolution) bookable in the app, works perfectly with the E-Marketing Management Application (EMMA) and presents live updates of your existing systems, such as slope status, weather, webcams and events.

JAMES collects the most beautiful holiday moments of your guests

Unforgettable moments, beautiful photos and the support of JAMES ensure an all-round perfect holiday. Tourists have the possibility to collect their Skiline experiences under ``myMoments`` in the app. This way, they are always at hand and can be shared with friends and family.

JAMES gets to know your guests better

JAMES gets to know the preferences and interests of your guests and can enrich their holiday with relevant information. This not only enhances the quality of the holiday, but also creates added value for the region. Positive experiences are often shared.

JAMES is the perfect storyteller

Information and products are packed into exciting stories that pick up and enthrall the guest on an emotional level. Based on the user's interests, relevant stories are displayed in the app. This creates relevance and interest for the user.

JAMES not only promotes sales, but also increases the added value of your region and ensures satisfied, returning guests.

JAMES´ features in detail

Up-to-date information through interfaces
JAMES receives relevant information through various interfaces, which it passes on to the guests. He communicates with Skiline, Peaksolution, CMS systems and other systems of your destination.
Individual communication through segmentation
Skiing, culture or music events – JAMES identifies the preferences of the users based on automated algorithms and uses them for a purposeful communication with the guest.
In-App purchase function with wallet
JAMES is the optimal platform for displaying your destination products and enables users to plan their perfect holiday quickly, intuitively and conveniently with in-app purchases. The purchased tickets are stored in a wallet and thus the smartphone also functions as a ticket.
Griaß-enk, Grüezi, Salut, Hello, Ciao & 안녕하세요!
German, English, French, Korean – JAMES speaks your tourists’ language and communicates via Push Notifications, In-App Messages and Journey Cards. Well thought-out and informative stories bring the offered products closer to the users and bind the guests emotionally to your region.
Announcements & Alerts
Important information at a glance, better informed with one click. JAMES offers weather and avalanche updates, current webcam pictures and relevant transport information of the railways and lifts in the region.
Customer Journey
Life is a journey – JAMES accompanies your customers along the customer journey. Your guests’ Journey Cards in the app will be a perfect fit for the user.
Corporate Design
JAMES is versatile and adapts to your corporate identity.
iOS, Android and Progressive Web App (PWA)
JAMES is available to users on all platforms (due to system limitations not all functions are available in the PWA version).
JAMES enables users to safely and easily discover and buy activities and regional products on their smartphones.

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