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Catalate Announces Partnership with Digital Winter Sports Leader Alturos Destinations

8. October 2021
by Irene Platzer

Alturos Destinations joins a growing list of Platform Partnerships to integrate Catalate’s strategic dynamic pricing plans into their software.

Catalate announces a new platform partnership with Alturos Destinations. The partnership is a “Pricing as a Service” model that will allow resort destinations in the European travel and tourism market to maximize their online revenue using Catalate’s proprietary pricing model while enabling their customers to plan their vacations online with ease using Alturos’ e-commerce platform.

Our partnership with Catalate was generated from the need for a strong ally in the pricing strategies business. Catalate’s innovative pricing model and expertise blends perfectly with Alturos Destination OS in regards of e-commerce, offering a full-service solution for our partners.

Gilberto Loacker

President of the board at Alturos Destinations

Following completion of the initial implementation, any user of Alturos’ software will be able to seamlessly integrate with Catalate’s APIs to offer best-in-class dynamic pricing strategies to their guests.

We’re excited to establish a strong relationship with Alturos, enabling them to offer our pricing model directly to their customers. It’s really a win-win: Alturos will see higher conversion rates out of their booking platform, and our mutual partners will accelerate online sales growth/return on marketing spend with our pricing and performance monitoring Platform.

Evan Reece

CEO at Catalate

Factbox Catalate

Catalate is a pricing, e-commerce and distribution company that empowers resorts and attractions businesses to drive more revenue online. The Company offers tools for attractions, ski areas, waterparks, and other ticketing businesses to leverage revenue management and dynamic pricing to rise above the competition. Catalate brings 15+ years of experience developing pricing strategies for hundreds of partners, yielding a highly structured dataset across ~$1 billion in online sales. Behind Catalate’s powerful e-commerce and pricing platform is a team of analysts, customer success representatives, marketing specialists, and more, helping ticketing businesses accomplish their revenue and growth goals.

Factbox Alturos destinations

Alturos Destinations is a market leader that ensures that digital strategies within the field of tourism get both perfectly planned and implemented. With Alturos Destinations OS lift companies and tourist destinations get a comprehensive package allowing the execution of such digital sales strategies. Solutions that are part of Destinations OS are JAMES, Skiline, Peaksolution and EMMA. EMMA is a fully integrated user engagement platform, allowing individual communication with customers whereas JAMES is the travel assistant. Peaksolution is the one-stop shop allowing users to purchase all the touristic products and services a region has to offer. With Skiline, the largest winter sports community in the world, Alturos Destinations is the market leader in digital winter sports entertainment.


Christian Mairitsch
Alturos Destinations AG
+41 55 588 0175

Download the press release: PDF download


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