Alturos Destinations launches flagship project for Eastern Switzerland

The Rhaetian Railway (CH) relies on the innovative digital tourism solution “Peaksolution” from Alturos Destinations.

The Alturos Destinations brand “Peaksolution” demonstrates once again its position of market leader in digital distribution solutions. With the contract for the creation of a brand new webshop for the sales of Rhaetian Railway (RhB) public transport & leisure services and a well-received disaster recovery performance test, the company has already achieved great success in this young year.

The Rhaetian Railway is a leading provider of leisure, commuter and freight transport services. With its unique mountain routes, UNESCO World Heritage status, Glacier Express and Bernina Express lines, it has been providing fascinating rail travel experiences throughout the Swiss canton of Graubünden for more than 125 years. In 2016, RhB generated an operating income of over 353 million Swiss francs and transported around 12 million passengers on the 384-kilometer route network. More than 1,500 employees work every day to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service.

In order to tackle their self-imposed strategic direction towards more innovation and digitalization, RhB relies on the know-how of Alturos Destinations. In several stages, a completely new online sales platform will be implemented, with which the Rhaetian Railway will be able to further develop its products and present them more effectively. In the first version, which will go live in late autumn 2018, the focus will be on the train ticket sale for the Bernina Express. In a further step, B2B sales will be further developed in order to better address business and cooperation partners.

According to COO Herwig Probst, Alturos received the contract for this project because “we already had something existing and functioning with our innovative solution Peaksolution.” The renowned Swiss railway companies BLS, Jungfrau Railway and Matterhorn Gotthard Railway are already relying on the market-leading experience of Alturos when it comes to marketing and distributing their services online in the best possible way. The cooperation with the Rhaetian Railway is, according to Probst, “a very exciting project, which we regard as a flagship project for Eastern Switzerland.”

However, Alturos Destinations does not rest on its laurels, but is constantly working to provide the best possible service to its customers and meet their stringent needs. For this purpose, a disaster recovery performance test was carried out at the end of February, simulating a failure of the primary data center in Vienna. To be prepared for such a case, geo-redundancy comes into effect and within a short time a back-up data center in Frankfurt a. M. takes over. The test was passed brilliantly, proving smooth operation and high availability & scalability of the system and ensuring that no transaction is lost.

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