#alturosfamily Summer Party 2019

The second week of July was all about our #alturosfamily. Colleagues from all company sites Götzis, Pfäffikon and Tresserve and all Sales-Manager already arrived in Klagenfurt on Wednesday to participate in company workshops, team meetings and the spicy session.

Highlight of the week in Klagenfurt was the annual summer party with fun, food, sports and games written on the agenda. More than 70 colleagues followed the invitation and spent Friday afternoon and evening together with their colleagues at the Kropfitschbad in Krumpendorf at the lake Wörthersee.

#alturosfamily Company Meeting

However, before everyone was released into the weekend, a company meeting took place at the office. In the course of the meeting, the management informed all employees about the news within the company and presented the strategic long-term development.

The skiline community is constantly growing – with 3.5 Million Skiline users, another milestone in our company’s history has been reached. Currently, Skiline digitalizes the skiing experiences of skiers in 14 countries worldwide.

Our customers do not sell products, they sell experiences and memories and that very successfully. With our One-Stop-Shops from Peaksolution, our customers were able to generate a turnover of 250 million Swiss Francs.

The #alturosfamily is constantly growing in order to meet the requirements of our customers. More than 85 employees in four countries allow us to be closer to the customer and therefore be able to quickly respond to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the strategic development.

#alturosfamily in action – Kayak, SUP, water ski and more

In the afternoon, the #alturosfamily exchanged keyboard for paddle or board game and drank a toast to the achieved milestones. All sports enthusiasts had the chance to try out kayaking, stand-up paddling, water ski or UFO-sofa.

Those who preferred a more comfortable start into the weekend, enjoyed the view over the Lake Wörthersee or indulged into a board- or card game. UNO – the world’s classic of card games – knows no country borders or language barriers and was played at almost every table.

The food buffet left no wishes unfulfilled and with some music played by our in-house DJ ZEPEC (Žiga Cepec Tomazin) the party continued until late into the night.

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