New tasks and challenges

In times of legitimate demand for equality in the labor market and the opening of leadership positions for female employees, many technology companies limit themselves to making empty promises. At Alturos Destinations, it’s not just nice words, but setting a good example and promoting the careers of women in technology. Mag. Ivana Bošković has held the position of Head of Customer Service since May 2018.

After successfully completing her degree in Information Management at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt in 2014, she joined Alturos Destinations in December 2014 as a Customer Service Specialist. With her positive attitude to work and impressive competence, she began a rapid ascent within the corporate structure. “My career shows that there are numerous advancement opportunities in our company to take on new tasks and challenges,” explains Bošković. Finally, in October 2017, she was promoted to Lead Customer Service, which has now been topped by being named Head of Customer Service.

In her new position, the 31-year-old from Klagenfurt will not only focus on leading her multi-member team and networking within the company, but will also set further priorities. Ivana Bošković: “Especially the cross-departmental quality assurance is an important concern for me, because we receive valuable feedback in the Customer Service. With this, processes, products and services have to be optimized on an ongoing basis – especially here we attach great importance to the needs of our customers.”

The example of Ivana Bošković clearly shows the advantages that the flat hierarchy of an owner-managed company, such as Alturos Destinations, offers employees. “We do not believe in rigid structures, and the input from employees is welcomed and appreciated by the management. Initiative and dedication determine the opportunities for advancement in our organization,” says Alturos Destinations CEO Michael Saringer.

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