Peaksolution receives Top Rating

Peaksolution continues its economic success story and gets this confirmed by a current rating. A recently published Bisnode D&B premium report points out the excellent financial strength of the company.

The Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet rating is the quality badge for the economy and stands for reliability and stability. The excellent operating figures of Peaksolution confirm the status as a trustworthy and attractive business partner, that shows a stable corporate situation and very good payment behaviour. The high equity ratio paired with the extremely low default risk shows Peaksolutions’ ability to comply with their economic commitment towards customers and suppliers.

„This top rating shows us in black and white that we are a solid and serious partner in the field of e-commerce solutions for the tourism industry“, explains COO Herwig Probst and adds, „In an environment where we enable our customers to have a great added value growth such a reliability is essential.”

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