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Tegernsee Valley Tourism relies on Alturos Destinations

10. August 2021
by Irene Platzer

Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH (TTT) is the first German destination to develop a digital travel companion with Alturos Destinations.

The TTT has recognized the importance of digitalization, especially how holiday experiences can be sold digitally and guests can be accompanied digitally in the region. “This means we can provide information that is targeted and tailored to the needs of each individual,” says TTT Managing Director Christian Kausch.

From booking the accommodation to the journey including timetable information, from buying the train ticket from Munich or the bus ride in the valley to recommending tailor-made experiences filtered by interest, location, weather and their booking (e.g. events, guided tours, table reservations, mountain railway rides, Boat tickets) – all of this should be possible via your own smartphone. This is the “vision” that TTT is pursuing together with Alturos in the near future. The aim is to bring information and services to users in digital form in the most targeted and personalized way possible.

Thanks to our years of experience in Austria and Switzerland with the distribution of tourism services in combination with public transport and mountain railways, we are pleased to now also be able to support tourism in Germany with digitalization.

Gilberto Loacker

President of Alturos Destinations

A first version will be launched in the 2021 winter season. We at Alturos Destinations are very pleased to welcome TTT as a customer!

Factbox Alturos destinations

Alturos Destinations is a market leader that ensures that digital strategies within the field of tourism get both perfectly planned and implemented. With Alturos Destinations OS lift companies and tourist destinations get a comprehensive package allowing the execution of such digital sales strategies. Solutions that are part of Destinations OS are JAMES, Skiline, Peaksolution and EMMA. EMMA is a fully integrated user engagement platform, allowing individual communication with customers whereas JAMES is the travel assistant. Peaksolution is the one-stop shop allowing users to purchase all the touristic products and services a region has to offer. With Skiline, the largest winter sports community in the world, Alturos Destinations is the market leader in digital winter sports entertainment.


Christian Mairitsch
Alturos Destinations AG
+41 55 588 0175

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